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Dedication to innovation is driving client success

Backed by Cybercom’s innovation services, clients are being prepped for greater competitiveness, profitability and success. We bring the new methods, technologies and approaches that are essential in a changing market. We kick off pilot projects and test prototypes in an agile environment. We ask questions and work with the client to find the answers. We are your innovation partner.

Innovation is no longer a phenomenon that plays out behind closed doors in an R&D department. It is embedded in the business, part and parcel of every working day. Even established companies have to think anew and keep the focus on innovation to maintain a long-term and relevant role on the new playing field.

Innovation is one of Cybercom’s three core values, along with Passion and Trust. We are driven by helping our clients innovate. What we bring to the table is new thinking, business models and solutions based on digitalization and emerging technologies. This helps the client arrive at clearer, well-founded decisions, faster. Decisions that affect investments, digitalization and sustainability.

Innovation is a constant component in our solutions-based business: in every business area and in every project we take on. Innovation Zone is Cybercom’s hub for innovation and development, where employees, clients and partners can test ideas, develop prototypes and run pilot projects in a creative environment.

Innovation Zone

We build an innovative culture among our clients

Innovation Zone is Cybercom’s hub for development and innovation, where employees, clients and other partners can all test ideas, develop prototypes and run pilot projects in a creative environment.

Cybercom Innovation Zone
Irfan Khalid, Innovation Zone, Cybercom 

What is Innovation Zone?

Meet Irfan Khalid, Head of Innovation Cybercom Group. About the success concept Innovation Zone.

Innovation Zone - The offering

The Cybercom project lifecycle model

Cybercom is your innovation partner from the outset in the exploratory phase and all the way to the finished product or solution. We apply a structured approach to minimize risk and uncertainty and create favourable conditions for sustainability, growth and scalability.

Innovation Zone, Cybercom
Innovation Zone by Cybercom

Five good reasons to engage the Cybercom Innovation Zone

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