Innovation Zone

Five good reasons to engage the Cybercom Innovation Zone

Long-term experience

We have been running an active and strategic innovation process in the form of Innovation Zone since 2013.

Total dedication to innovation

Innovation is one of our three core values and the view of innovation as a driving force is firmly established at all levels, from management all the way out into the organization.

Focus on sustainability

Successful innovations have the potential to have significant ecological, social and economic impact on the world for a long time to come. With that in mind, we maintain strong focus on sustainability from the beginning in the exploratory phase of the innovation process, and we ensure that sustainability is a component of every innovation project.

Advanced view of partnership

We enter into every project side-by-side with the client, each with our clearly defined roles. The client is the expert in their sector and we are specialists in digitalization, new technologies and methods for generating innovation.

Structured approach

Cybercom has the skills and the structured methods required to carry out innovation projects, from identification of the concept to implementation of the service or product. The goal is to minimize risk and maximize scalability.

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Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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