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Hi Irfan Khalid, head of Innovation at Cybercom Group

"In Innovation Zone we have created a start-up feel were creativity and drive are in high gear. The atmosphere is open and the scope for ideas – big and small – is unlimited."

What is Innovation Zone?

“Innovation Zone is our innovation lab at Cybercom. One of the things we do here is give our employees and clients the opportunity to explore and test emerging technologies in digitalization and novel technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. At Innovation Zone, we run creative development projects that do not necessarily require a deadline or an expected result. A large measure of freedom is included – our employees can proceed from their own interests and test ideas and new technologies: learning is the primary goal. The only requirement is that the technology or solution must be relevant to Cybercom’s clients, right now or in the future.”

How does Innovation Zone work with client solutions?

“The client is the expert when it comes to their business, and we are the experts at digitalization. We can help them increase their innovative capacity by applying proven innovation methods, our expertise in digitalization and emerging technologies. The key to success is iterative testing and validation, instead of overthinking the problem. So far, we have carried out more than 60 client projects at Innovation Zone, covering the gamut from a self-powered water quality meter for rivers and lakes to a mobile phone game that encourages young people to get moving physically.”

What does Innovation Zone do for employees?

“Cybercom employees are wildly enthusiastic about Innovation Zone . They tell us they feel a sense of purpose, passion, inspiration and exploration and are learning so many exciting things in new areas. We have created a start-up feel were creativity and drive are in high gear. The atmosphere is open and the scope for ideas – big and small – is unlimited. This has brought our employees to a new way of thinking, a belief that anything is possible.”

What are the advantages of Innovation Zone according to clients?

“For one thing, we offer an opportunity to carry out projects in a more economical way. This also allows clients to implement projects of a somewhat more exploratory nature, projects that can take time to capitalize but can add value over the longer term. Clients are afforded the opportunity to test brand new ideas – framed by a structured approach. This structure is often needed to generate innovation while keeping close track of everything, all the way to a product or service. At present, a lot of companies lack a systematic approach to innovation. I believe this is going to change and that innovation is going to become an unquestioned aspect of every company’s operations and thus their success.”


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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