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The Cybercom project lifecycle model

Innovation Zone offers companies the opportunity to evaluate new ideas, develop working prototypes using emerging technologies and develop solutions in an agile, innovative environment.

1. Innovation Capabilities Assessment

Improve the organization’s internal innovation management.

We help the client understand what the organization needs to progress with its innovation management through strategic GAP analysis of how innovation is driven in the organization. Based on the results of the GAP analysis, the client gains better understanding of the company’s innovation management capabilities. The model makes it easier for the client to choose where to focus its innovation capabilities for superior results.

2. Opportunity Analysis Workshop

Identify, evaluate and prioritize opportunities.

Companies must be able to see through the thicket and prioritize the challenges, ideas and hypotheses that will help them attain their business objectives. In an innovation-focused workshop, the client is guided through identifying and prioritizing the opportunities that will create the most value.

3. Design sprint

Overcome major challenges and test new ideas - fast.

Methods that facilitate rapid design, simple prototypes and user testing give the client insight, self-confidence and a faster route to further development. Design Sprints produce valuable insights into alternative solutions and their advantages and drawbacks. We facilitate the company’s Design Sprints and help the client clarify the challenges and swiftly transform them into ideas.

4. Proof of Concept and Prototypes

The first look at an idea and its feasibility.

Proof of concept and working prototypes are catalyzed using various novel technologies and interactive models that provide an initial sense of how the ultimate solution might look and work in the company’s operations and out with its customers. Prototypes can be presented to stakeholders and friendly users for vital feedback. This helps our clients test hypotheses and make smart business decisions while offering deeper insights into further development.

5. Innovation in a box

Kick-start for the company’s innovation journey.

By tearing down the barriers between teams in the organization, the client can promote more innovations and develop a corporate culture perceived as enjoyable and enriching.
Cybercom’s Innovation in a Box package is a structured framework that helps our clients integrate innovation as a natural part of day-to-day operations.

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