CEO’s comment: Towards a better tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges for people, society and business in 2020. We have all learned from this, and as we look forward, I think we have a unique opportunity to take
our learnings further.

At Cybercom, we will use our expertise in Connectivity, Innovation and Sustainability. We will provide our clients and society at large with solutions to the new global challenges of our time, turning them into business opportunities.

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I am extremely proud of how we navigated this unusual year, which really tested our relations with our clients as well as our organisation.

I am extremely proud of how we navigated this unusual year, which really tested our relations with our clients as well as our organisation. Together with our clients, we quickly adapted proprietary ways of working under changing circumstances. 2020 also validated that we have a robust strategy in place – in terms of capacity to adapt and capitalise on upcoming challenges and opportunities.

It has been more than a decade since we identified our important role in the transformation to a more sustainable and fossil free society and started to invest in sustainability as an integrated part of our business model. It was a move that has paid off. We now see that by nudging our clients towards a better tomorrow, we can accelerate our extended positive impact on global sustainability, while also seeing that it is clearly good for our business

A successful year

During 2020, we took steps on our journey to increase our contribution to sustainable development, important highlights included:

  • We trained more than 1,000 Cybercom consultants in digital sustainability. The aim was to meet our client demands for sustainability solutions but also to fulfil our commitment to the digitalisation consultancy industry’s roadmap for a fossil-free future.
  • Our clients gave us record-high scores in our 2020 client survey. Cybercom’s Client Satisfaction Index was 83, which is 17 points above the industry average. Clients also confirmed that they perceive Cybercom to provide solutions that have positive sustainability impacts.
  • 73 (66) percent of the business we won in 2020 had a positive contribution to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We moved forward with our important work to establish Cybercom science-based targets and submitted our targets for approval by the SBTi.
  • We joined the 1.5°C Business Playbook issued by the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. With this, we take another step in our sustainability journey and commit to continuously supporting our clients in integrating climate action into their business strategies and digital transformation efforts.
  • Cybercom teamed up with incubator LEAD to jointly develop an evaluation model that will make it possible to identify how players in the innovation ecosystem can maximise their positive contribution by providing and scaling up climate-positive solutions.
  • Cybercom and Solutive merged, creating a new full-service digitalisation firm in the market for business-oriented data expertise. This is in line with our sustainability ambitions to support our clients’ digital transformation journey.

We see increased understanding on the market and among our clients on how digital transformation and innovation are enablers for sustainability. Our ambition to share our competence and experience to influence society beyond our direct business interests, supporting transformative change on system level is increasingly recognized externally. During 2020, we were invited to, and participated in, the UN Global Compact Private Sector Forum. We were also the driving force and took the next step in mobilising our industry peers behind the digitalisation consultancy industry’s roadmap for a fossil free future. To help politics, business, and the public sector understand how digitalisation can transform Sweden into a competitive fossil-free welfare country, a new digital platform – External link. – was built and provided by Cybercom. The platform was successfully launched in March 2021.

We are building for future growth

From the strong platform created in 2020 when we integrated the 1.5°C climate ambition into our strategy, we will now accelerate our actions to align all our value propositions with this objective. This will enable us to continue to increase our long-term value-creation, while maintaining profitability and solid growth. We will lead by example and be a positive force for climate by the end of 2022.

We will achieve this by going beyond science-based reduction targets, exploring our positive climate impact from the business-models, behaviours, lifestyles and consumption patterns that we enable with technology. To rapidly build on and further strengthen our ability to deliver positive sustainability impact from our assignments, while increasing our revenue, competitiveness, and growth, we will continue to: Accelerate the capacity to sell and deliver solutions with positive sustainability impact. Establish Cybercom as a thought leader within digital sustainability. Invest in flagship initiatives with significant sustainability impact.

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We see the urgency to deliver and support the transformation to a sustainable society.

To support our growth plan, we will invest actively in our enabled & empowered programme for employee satisfaction as well as our updated diversity targets of having a gender minority above 30 percent by the end of 2022. I am pleased to confirm that we also continue to support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. We see the urgency to deliver and support the transformation to a sustainable society. 

Our projects and assignments are about using our skills within innovation, digitalisation and technology to create business value for our clients and positive impact on the environment and our societies. Our business case is to deliver on it. In 2020, we performed well, and we will continue to deliver on our journey to increase our contribution to sustainable development. Finally, I would like to thank the entire Cybercom team for their dedication this past year. Together, we are driving progress within our company, our value chain, with our clients and in society at large. Your efforts will continue to drive our work in 2021 and beyond. Together we are # Makersoftomorrow.

Niklas Flyborg

President, CEO and Maker of tomorrow

Digital Sustainability

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Ingemar Jansson

Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development

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