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Culture and values at Cybercom

At Cybercom we are Makers of tomorrow.

We believe in making things happen​​

Makers don’t believe in copy-paste solutions. Neither do we believe that value only lies in developing what others have drawn on PowerPoint slides. We believe in less talk and more action. We believe in making things happen.​​

Since 1995, we’ve gathered the sharpest minds and most passionate souls to help companies make a sustainable impact through the use of technology. What we all have in common is that exploring new ways of solving problems gets us going. We apply our ingenious use of technology to every client and situation. Because that’s what the maker mentality is all about – being curious, proactive and question the status quo. ​​
We hire smart and grow you even smarter. As an employer, we take you from where you are to where you want to go as fast as possible. We bring all the tools for your professional growth – a collection of brilliant minds, learning experiences and exciting projects to evolve your thinking and skills. You bring passion, drive and a desire to push your own boundaries. Together we create a company driven by makers of tomorrow​​.

Our values

Cybercom value: passion


We are driven by a passion to change things for the better and are proud of our achievements.

Cybercom value: Innovation


We are innovative and contribute with new ways of thinking, business models and solutions.

Cybercom value: Trust


We build trust through honesty, transparency and respect.