Cybercom's sustainability report

At Cybercom we believe it is important to take responsibility for how people, the environment and society are affected by our operations and, ultimately, the operations of our clients.

We actively strive to reduce our own impact on the environment, and we conduct dialogue about what is important from a sustainability perspective. That said, the greatest potential of a consulting company is, of course, our ability to influence our clients and, by extension, their users and end customers. Our offer includes innovative, secure and effective solutions that contribute to profitability and sustainable development through, for example, energy- and cost savings and above all, reducing the consumption of finite resources.

Sustainability report 2019 (pdf opens in new window)PDF

Cybercom’s sustainability report is presented in accordance with the GRI G4 international guidelines for sustainability, Core Option. In addition, Cybercom signed the UN Global Compact in 2011, and complies with its ten principles for responsible business. The report is Cybercom’s annual communication about how we live up to and work with these principles.