Diversity makes Cybercom stronger

Cybercom’s focus on diversity and inclusion is based on three factors.

First, we do not wish to reject or for that matter reward anyone on erroneous grounds – discrimination is simply not permitted. Second, we know that a wide range of perspectives strength­ens our creative and problem-solving capacity and makes us better partners to our clients. Third, there is a skills shortage in our industry and we devote con­siderable energy to finding the right people for the company. We need every channel available and our search field is wide, both within and outside Europe.

Cybercom has made several changes to make it easier to hire employees from other countries. For example, we now manage the process of applying for work permits for foreign employees on their behalf, and we offer language instruction and cultural orien­tation classes. There has been a steep increase in the percentage of foreign employees in recent years.

Cybercom is also participating in several initiatives to help people who are new to Sweden find jobs in their skills area. For example, in a collaborative pro­gramme with the Public Employment Service and the Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden, we are offer­ing work experience placements to recent arrivals to Sweden. The goal is to offer participants jobs or put them together with partners or recruitment firms that can match people to jobs in their networks.

Equal opportunity on the agenda

More equal gender distribution is one of the compa­ny's general objectives: Cybercom will be 30 percent women by the end of 2020. The goal is based on the 70/30 ratio of new graduates in technical education in the countries where Cybercom operates. Cybercom has hit the target at the board and management level – the board consists of four women and four men, while there are 35 (32) women and 86 (89) men in senior management. We have a little way to go overall – at the end of the year, the gender distribution ratio between men and women was 80/20.

Cybercom is fully aware that equal gender distri­bution does not guarantee equal opportunity. Pre­cisely for that reason, it is vital to continuously develop Cybercom’s culture and work environment, where every individual’s perspective and skills come to the fore and are utilised. Starting in 2019, Cyber­com will use a diversity and inclusion index to keep track of the company’s progress.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Our scores as an employer


The challenges of tomorrow demand new solu­tions. That is why willingness and capacity to keep learning anew are key skills for a Maker. Cybercom is continuing to develop tools, academies and our innovation concept to ensure that our employees are given optimal opportunities to make the devel­opment journey that both we and they expect during their time with us.

Linda Westlund, Head of HR in Cybercom Sweden

Cybercom is an arena of skills. Here at Cybercom, peo­ple gain experience from different industries, compa­nies and organisations. And opportunities to work across the entire field of IT and develop in various roles. We are convinced that we learn the most in our assign­ments – after all, our work is immersed in digitalisa­tion. That is why Cybercom’s breadth and develop­ment potential are some of the best we have to offer. Each employee ultimately owns their development. Cybercom shows the way by creating clear develop­ment paths and offering a carefully chosen range of skills-enhancing activities in our specialist areas.

In addition, neither Cybercom’s employees nor its clients settle for baby steps or a little at a time. That is why Cybercom’s new skills plan is also about increas­ing our combined competence and innovative power – and that of individuals. The main elements of the plan are:

  • Defining the implications of Cybercom’s orientation towards specialisation for the individual employee and their development
  • Clarifying opportunities for development
  • Integrating innovation in skills development

Innovation Zone is Cybercom’s hub for development and innovation. This is where employees, clients and other partners can test ideas, develop prototypes and run pilot products in a highly creative environment. We put organisations, teams and skills together cross-functionally in order to achieve as much as pos­sible. The method can be best described as empirical innovation.

Started in 2016, Innovation Zone has since evolved from a concept for skills development for employees between assignments in only a few offices and is now found in all Cybercom offices. Innovation Zone is where we explore new areas of technology internally and in partnership with clients, and has also become a key component of the onboarding process. In 2019 and forward, we will be devoting vigorous effort to continuing to spread the method and the culture of innovation to more organisations, clients, employees, managers and administrative functions. Because the only thing we know for sure about the future is that we must all never stop learning so that we can take full advantage of novel ideas and new technology.

Courageous and secure leaders focused on longevity and sustainability will take Cybercom into the future. With that in mind, we will be developing a corporate leadership development and collective intelligence programme in 2019.

We believe strongly in a cross-functional approach and are always seeking new ways to collaborate. Being a leader at Cybercom involves boosting employees, promoting collaboration and diversity and facilitating business that creates value. When it comes to employee development, the emphasis is on strengthening their self-leadership and commercial focus. Cybercom’s leadership structure is based on leaders of small teams in the same skills area, as opposed to traditional consulting managers and larger teams. A Team Lead devotes about 20 percent of their time to leadership and works as a consultant the rest of the time