UN Global Compact

Our sustainability work builds on the UN Global Compact, the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and our code of business ethics and conduct.

Cybercom's social accountability initiatives – and its view of humankind, working conditions, and the environment – are based the UN Global Compact which Cybercom is affiliated to. Global Compact is a program for companies and organizations that want to contribute to the international work with 10 global principles on human rights, labour law, environmental problems, and anticorruption.

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Cybercom should act responsibly in all countries and in all contexts in which we operate. Management has defined our responsibility and leads the work. The focus is on sustainable business, engaged employees and a high level of ethics. Alongside their regular assignments, a team of annually selected Sustainability Ambassadors works together with our Head of Sustainability, Ingemar Jansson, to extend knowledge about this internally and drive sustainability work operationally in the company's various regions. Associated annual goals and projects are adopted together with leadership in ongoing dialogue.

A connected world strengthens humans, the environment, business and society. It enhances the exchange of knowledge and creates democracies in our society – and in communities distant from ours.

Ingemar Jansson, Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development