Todej Terms of use

Cybercom has developed the mobile application Todej as a commercial application. This page is used to inform you about our Terms of Use with regards to your use of the Application Todej.

If you choose to use our service you give us your consent to process information for the purpose improving our service. Cybercom will not intentionally collect any personal information about you, however should we for reason process personal information, we certify with this policy that no personal data will be use for advertisement, nor shared with any partners, subcontractors or any other party without your explicit consent.

Terms of use

The application is provided by Cybercom Sweden AB and is delivered as-is, Cybercom does not guarantee the application is without flaws or malfunctions, furthermore Cybercom reserves the right to add or remove features in the application at our sole discretion.

The application runs stand-alone and off-line. This means that all data that you enter in the application is only stored locally in your mobile device, unless you enable cloud backup. Cybercom does not have access to any data you enter in the application or in your personal cloud backup, nor do we intentionally collect any personal information.

The application has no advertisement, as such we rely on subscription fees that you pay through your application store, depending on your mobile device. Without your payment the service will be unavailable until payment has been made. Should you decide not to prolong your subscription and have enabled cloud backup your still have access to your data in your cloud storage. Cybercom is not responsible to decode or otherwise support in retaining your personal backup.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to make updates to this policy. Therefore you should revisit this policy for possible changes. We will inform you in the event should there be changes to this policy. The changes to the policy take effect immediately whenever these changes have been updated.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Ver 2020-10-05