Agile transformation

We live in fast-paced, digitalized, ever-changing world where predictability is no longer a competitive advantage – responsiveness is. Let Cybercom be your travel guide on your agile journey.

Agile provides a foundation for organizations to improve responsiveness, increase productivity, decrease time-to-market while also improving employee satisfaction.

But even though agile is more widespread than ever, many organizations struggle with implementing agile values, principles and methods.

Let Cybercom be your travel guide on your agile journey

Cybercom wants to be the travel guide on your agile journey. We believe that every path to agility is unique and unlike many other players in the business, we are not attached to any specific model or framework. Instead, we honor the agile mindset and believe in respecting your specific context.

Our guiding principles

  • ​Change is complex – Hence, we rely on agile values and practices to introduce agile.
  • Embrace collaboration - Co-create change together with the people affected by the change.
  • Continuous exploration - Experiment, learn and evolve. Adjust the plan along the way.
  • Context is key – There are no best practices, practices are good or bad depending on the context.
  • Mindset matters – Tools and practices are just the tip of the iceberg. Real change requires a new mindset.
Cybercom's Agile transformation process.

Our approach

We help you to identify your triggers for change and define where you want to go.
Together we establish an iterative, feedback-driven change process.
Continuously experiment, evaluate and improve while always keeping an eye on the goal.
We support you along the way with change management, coaching, mentorship and training.


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