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Data and analytics are key in driving and accelerating sustainable growth

We help you build lasting competitive advantage from data in every level of your business.



Seize the endless opportunities in developing data driven business. Optimize your current business, accelerate growth or launch new innovative solutions, we’ll support every step of your journey.

New business models

Data is a key factor in any new business innovation. With us, you’ll explore and innovate new data-enabled business opportunities and disrupt traditional industries as a winning forerunner.

Alternative growth strategies

In modern business development, data utilisation adds profitable layers to your business and helps you explore, analyse and predict strategies that best support your vision, objectives and key results.

Data monetisation

The data you collect always has unique characteristics and unique potential. We help you identify and capitalise on the value of your data and turn it into money within your existing or future business framework.

We help you with:

  • Vision work
  • Data strategy
  • Business & service design
  • Proof of concepts
  • Advisory as a service


Improve your organisation’s performance and competitiveness by embracing data at the heart of everything you do.

Data driven culture

Bring data into the center of your organisation’s mindset and behavior to be more agile, innovative, committed and self-driven.

Increased collaboration

Utilize data to support common understanding and agile collaboration in your whole organisation.

Boosted innovation

Grow a visionary organisation. Let data open up new inspiring insights for innovation and internal development.

Sustainable development

Digital transformation is a pivotal factor in building more sustainable business. Support, manage, define and measure your sustainability with a help of carefully processed data.

We help you with:

  • Organisation design
  • Data governance
  • Data architecture
  • Change management
  • Personnel trainings


Take advantage of data, analytics, AI and machine learning to maximise the performance, profitability and relevance of your operations.

Make better decisions

Harness data for deeper understanding. Know what’s going on today or predict tomorrow with the help of AI to make future-proof decisions.

Increase productivity

Utilise data & AI to measure, optimise and automate your key actions and focus on doing the right things at the right time.

Understand your customers

Data is your best friend in learning about your customers. Use data to track their behavior and advanced predictive analytics to understand how to be more relevant to them in the future.

Continuous learning

Collect the right data to get the answers that inspire you to ask more right questions. Identify right development points and right KPIs to build and optimise your systems and processes.

We help you with

  • Process design
  • Data analysis
  • AI & Machine learning
  • Data curation & quality
  • Automated actions


To get all out of your data you need the right skills and tools. With modern technologies and cloud platforms, you can easily reach agile and high-performing data operations without re-building all your data systems.

Collect relevant data

All data is not valuable, but the data that offers useful insights and predictions is precious. We help you to make sure that the data you collect is accurate, meaningful and always up to date.

Your data is available

With advanced technical solutions, you can ensure that your data is always available and accessible in your organisation to all those with need and authorisation.

Your data is visualised

Data is not a secret science but for everyone to understand. Visualisation brings data to life and makes it an understandable driver for the whole organisation.

Your data is secure

Needless to say, when it comes to data security is everything to us. Using the most secure, reliable, tested and continuously improving technologies and platforms, you and your clients can always sleep well.

We help you with

  • Data management platforms
  • Cloud data platforms
  • Integration platforms
  • Data migration
  • Dashboard design
  • AI & Machine learning frameworks

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