Digital transformation and execution

Technology is giving organizations of all sizes a chance to reinvent how they do business and serve their target audience. Of course, this is easier said than done and many businesses are having a hard time coping with change. More often than not, they lack the agility to go through digital transformation — thus putting their competitive edge at risk.

Digital transformation is an innovative process during which an organization may reshape or optimize its organization, value proposition, business model, or operating models to leverage digital technologies. The outcomes and drivers are as unique as they are numerous.

That includes (but is not limited to):

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities in organization to better capture digital opportunities
  • Create big impact with technologies like cloud, AI and IoT
  • Transitioning business from products to services or to new business models
  • Boosting innovation - faster and better services and products to market
  • Becoming more agile - more value from digital investments
  • Building digital ecosystems and learning new ways of working

There are countless tools and solutions out there to help businesses meet the latest industry standards and requirements. But a successful digital transformation cannot solely be driven by tools. It should be driven by shared values across your organization.

Over the last two decades, we at Cybercom have developed deep expertise by helping various types of organizations adopt the right attitude and methodology to undergo successful digital transformation.

How Cybercom approaches your digital transformation

Even though each digital transformation process is unique, our core methodology is based on the following phases:

  • Assessment phase
  • Project definition phase
  • Transformation phase

Our advisory expert team comes with a large skillset to both understand the bigger picture and suggest concrete, pragmatic, and specific actions, when relevant.

We analyze your current situation.

To deliver a service tailored for your needs and business goals, our in-house experts will analyze your organization’s current situation and overall digital maturity. To do this, we focus on the following:

  • Your situational awareness: Change isn’t natural, nor is it easy to accept. This step helps our experts to anticipate how much resistance you will face when starting your digital transformation journey. This helps us evaluate your understanding of your business landscape, its challenges, and opportunities, as well as your customers’ expectations. In other words, are you in a position to innovate, spur new ideas, and grow your business?
  • Your strategic maturity: This second point helps us assess how well your stakeholders understand the business opportunities enabled by digital transformation—and how much they can benefit from it. , and whether or not they have the means to plan and execute a long-term strategy to benefit from it.
  • Your ability to execute: This assessment step gives us a picture of your existing resources and capabilities in-house to execute successful digital projects.

Let’s plan your digital transformation journey, together.

During this phase, we ensure that the result of our prime assessment is in sync with the complexity and different dimensions of your company.

Four layers must be aligned:

  • Culture: An effective digital transformation begins with a cultural change. Together, we’ll map out a step-by-step plan to smoothen your organization’s digital transition.
  • Strategy: Key stakeholders need to understand the reasoning behind the change ahead.
  • Structure: The organizational chart, roles, and responsibilities must support your digital transformation efforts.
  • Capability: We have a common understanding of your in-house ability to implement various digital projects.

This phase is ideal to take a step back and question the way you’ve been operating in the past. With the help of our digital transformation experts, you will identify the right path for your business transformation.

Let’s unroll your tailored digital transformation plan, together.

If each digital transformation initiative is unique, one rule remains universal: You need to be driving the change.

In the meantime, you can count on us to empower your organization (and do the heavy lifting). We offer a pragmatic approach that’s proven successful and follow concrete steps to reduce the friction of mindset shift.

We will guide you throughout your digital transformation journey. From assessing your current situation to executing the plan, our experts will stay by your side to ensure that change is applied efficiently and supports your business’ growth.


Contact us to start your transformation journey. Let’s assess your digital maturity.

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