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Windows Virtual Desktop

The Windows Virtual Desktop is an ideal solution for your application and desktop virtualisation for fast and easy deployment.

Many companies are looking to leverage the cloud's benefit in operating their business applications, but, in some cases, the transformation might not yet be feasible. You might also be looking increasingly at moving to remote work and allow flexible and easy access for their workforce to work anywhere. Modern working methods also bring users with their own devices or users who want to choose their device. These different scenarios bring about requirements to enable productivity easily and securely for employees.

Secure and productive from any device

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is an ideal solution for your application and desktop virtualisation for fast and easy deployment. Windows Virtual Desktop enables security and productivity from any device. Leverage the global Azure infrastructure for scalable and reliable service and utilise the security within Azure AD to protect your business. Use your Microsoft 365 licenses to save money to enable cost-effective virtualisation that meets a modern mobile workforce needs.

Easy to get started with real-life Proof of Concept

Our expert cloud consultants help you assess, plan, and design your Windows Virtual Desktop environments successfully. Start with functional, real-life Proof of Concepts and go into production with automated deployments utilising the best of DevOps methods. Rest easy with our Passionate Support for WVD. We monitor and manage the environment, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Want to know more or have questions? We are happy to help and provide you one hour free briefing

Cybercom WVD one hour free briefing External link, opens in new window.
1 hour briefing from Cybercom is designed to give you the confidence in implementing the latest virtualization offering, Windows Virtual Desktop! After the briefing you will understand the stages, benefits, and costs involved.

Cybercom WVD solution: 6-week implementation External link, opens in new window.
Cybercom Windows Virtual Desktop Solution is the ideal offering for your application and desktop virtualization for fast, easy and secure implementation in 6 weeks. Windows Virtual Desktop solution will enable you to leverage the cloud in using your business and productivity applications anywhere with any device, securely and scaling to meet any demand.


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