Agile teams

Moving fast and efficiently has never been such a significant key differentiator as it is today. For this reason, a whopping amount of organizations are now relying on agile teams to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant to their target audience.

Why work with agile teams?

An agile team is a cross-functional team with all the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver a project or a working product.

Based on our experience, organizations see the following benefits from working with agile development teams:

  • Increased productivity​: Buying an agile team will enable a quick ramp-up for your projects while ensuring continuity and productivity in your in-house teams.
  • Reduced time to market​: With an agile team in place, the development of your product/project will start immediately—thus reducing your time to market (TTM).
  • High-quality delivery and defect reduction​: Our teams work in short sprints and constantly review their work. This rigorous process contributes to increasing the quality of the end product.
  • Happier employees​: We find that high-performing teams result in happier and more engaged employees. A virtuous circle fueled by mastered agile methods.

Benefit from best-in-class expertise

With Cybercom as your partner for agile team delivery, you’ll benefit from exceptional expertise in building and maintaining agile teams.

We understand what makes a team effective—both internally and in relation to the organization surrounding the team—and have a well-proven and effective team delivery process. As a result, we currently have over 70 Cybercom agile teams making magic for our customers.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. Investing in a Cybercom’s agile team means that you’re building for tomorrow, in a sustainable manner.

What you’ll get from Cybercom’s agile teams

Agile development teams

Focus on what you do best. We deliver the team.

We deliver a team and the tools they need to succeed, and help them be productive as fast as possible to ensure the prompt delivery of your projects, and meet your time to market. Our teams usually consist of 5 to 10 team members.

Working with our Cybercom is a strategic partnership. We will share our experience and insights with the rest of your organization, and coach them on agile delivery.

Agile projects

We believe in results.

We don’t believe in outputs. When delivering agile projects, our experts make sure that you meet the expected performance. Our agile team is responsible for the results.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Mobile applications development
  • Cloud applications development
  • Web applications development (intranet and external web pages)
  • Tailored applications development to support your business

Due to the current social distancing measures, our teams work remotely.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of agile teams? Get in touch and let’s talk about your projects.

Product & Service Development

Accelerating digitalisation

Whitepaper av Cybercom

To learn more about accelerating digitalisation, download our white paper: How to buy agile teams.


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