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Cyber security

Cyber security in a vulnerable world.

In our connected world, there is a burgeoning need to manage cyber security, as evident in the growing threat picture surrounding attacks against businesses and organisations. Effective management requires broad understanding of technology and the risks it can present. That is where Cybercom comes in.

We equip our clients to fend off the risks that arise from their unique activities. Backed by years of experience with technical security work, we can help with everything from penetration tests to forensic examination of the organisation’s IT systems.

Our wide range of security services include:

We ditch the jargon

Communicating risk pictures, threats and solutions to techs and execs is a key component of our work. And we do it the language they are used to using themselves. That gives every decision-maker the right amount of the right input to make well-supported decisions based on accurate and complete information.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you advance in your cyber security efforts.


Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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