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Automatic vulnerability scanning

An ordinary penetration test provides a snapshot of the company’s security posture, but it is also interesting to get a picture of how the posture changes over time. This is where vulnerability scanning comes in. Vulnerability scanning involves automatically testing a system or network for vulnerabilities over time.

There are different advantages to automatic vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and it is useful to combine them and reap the benefits of both methods.

We have tremendous expertise with vulnerability scanners at Cybercom and partner with several different vendors. With our experience with all maturity levels, we can help in various ways, including:

  • Designing the system for the vulnerability scanner, e.g., the number required and where they should be placed
  • Deployment and configuration of the vulnerability scanner
  • Procedures for working with the data from the vulnerability scanner
  • Prioritising the artifacts that require the most urgent attention

One of the main advantages of automatic vulnerability scanning is that it gives you a clear overview of the devices in the network and the software they are using. This makes it possible to also report generally known vulnerabilities in the network, which is a goldmine of information for the IT techs responsible for prioritising and installing updates.

Cybercom partners with several leading suppliers of vulnerability scanning software.

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Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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