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Penetration testing

When you buy Cybercom security services, you are buying peace of mind.

A world of rapid and relentless change imposes high demands for uninterrupted control of corporate cyber security. These demands come not only from within your own organisation, but equally from your customers, partners, legal authorities and standards.

It is often an advantage to bring in an independent third party capable of making objective analyses that consider all aspects. Cybercom’s experienced security experts help you take control of the organisation’s IT systems and critical business functions. Following our comprehensive assessment, you will have a thorough overview of the risks you are facing and how to prevent or eliminate them. Our technical security verification services are designed around the unique circumstances and needs of your organisation.

Penetration tests vary widely depending on the system being tested. At Cybercom, our breadth of experience in penetration testing spans areas including:

  • IoT
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • API
  • Deep network scanning
  • Cloud security

These can be penetration tested individually or in various combinations to meet your needs. For example, a system check-up can be run that includes both internal and external deep network scanning.

Regardless of the scope of the penetration test, the results provide a clear view of security risks in the tested systems. Cybercom always uses generally accepted testing methodologies. This ensures that we find purely technical vulnerabilities, but also that we can identify business risks that arise when the attacker exploits system features.

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Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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