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Secure Software Development Life Cycle - SSDLC

As businesses and organisations work increasingly agilely with DevOps, they must also integrate the security aspect into the nimble approach

As lead-times between releases shrink, it is essential to consider security at every stage of the development process. Cybercom has already helped numerous organisations apply security as a natural component of the development process through SSDLC (Secure Software Development Life Cycle).

SSDLC is a relatively new method that incorporates procedures that support development teams with security activities in the regular development process. The goal is to bring a base level of security into every iteration, so that general system security improves over time.

Cybercom has installed SSDLC in several customer organisations, which has given us the opportunity to assimilate valuable lessons and avoid the common pitfalls involved in introducing SSDLC.

Cybercom’s work to apply SSDLC includes:

  • Procedures related to feedback, planning and threat modelling
  • Training sessions, including materials, to raise awareness of attack surfaces and relevant technical security work
  • Points of contact for life cycle management

SSDLC is based on agile procedures that have been developed and used by numerous development teams. We have expanded on these to further elevate the security of the system delivered. The procedures delivered together with a training session when the work begins give teams the tools they need to work with security in the standard development process. At Cybercom, we can assist at various levels with everything from single training sessions to providing ongoing support to your development team.


Johan Persbeck

Business Unit Leader

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