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Identity & Access Management

In a constantly changing IT landscape in which security is only getting more important, identity and access management is a huge challenge for business. We can guide you through the terrain for a safe and smooth journey into the future.

This is IAM

When an organisation digitalises its processes and services, it will only get so far without internal and external identity and access management.

Identity & Access Management is fundamental in all IT environments and basically involves opening the system to those you want to let in and keeping the rest out. IAM covers the management of digital identities for internal and external users and their logins and access to various applications. IAM may involve anything from a Mobile eID in a user’s phone to hidden key components and processes on the company server that are necessary for vital applications to work.

Complex management

A secured digital identity is critical to all system use today, and that applies to the organisation’s own users as well as customers, citizens, partners suppliers and connected devices. Access to applications in various networks, with various organisations and in the cloud must work smoothly and easily. To guarantee delivery as specified by the organisation in this ever-changing world with no risk of bottlenecks in the form of skills, technology and security, the organisation’s IAM must also be continuously developed. In parallel, it must be ensured that new initiatives result in efficiency gains and greater digitalisation and not new problems related to complexity and security.

Cybercom IAM

We believe most companies and organisations would be well-served by an IAM partner on the road towards the future. One that shows the way, and is there throughout the project, beginning to end. One like Cybercom. We have long experience with IAM in settings including health care, where regulatory and organisational standards are extremely high.

Our IAM offering is built on four cornerstones:

The Cybercom IAM Team

Our team has the expertise necessary to grasp all of the extensive IAM and IT segment.

Cybercom IAM Assets

Cybercom has developed a range of flexible and future-proof IAM products, solutions, components and tools.

Cybercom IAM Administration and Service Operation

Don’t let IAM become a bottleneck in your digitalisation. We take charge of all or part of the client’s IAM environments and offer administration and ITIL-based service operation in our high-security environments, the client’s own environment or in the cloud.

The Cybercom IAM Experience

Take advantage of the experience we have built up from successful IAM deliveries in business and public sector-critical environments over more than 20 years. Our philosophy is simple. With a clear target, an agile approach and solid priorities, we will get the job done together.


If you would like to know more about our IAM offering, please contact us to set up a meeting.

Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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